Sunday, April 14, 2013

My first homeschooling conference

Greetings!   How is everyone??  This weekend I attended my very first homeschooling conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.  So fun.  I want to get some thoughts down before I forget.  Also, fair warning.... I am feeling very pro homeschooling  right now... and I am going to list the reasons why.  This way... when I want to send my dear children away for 8 hours a day... I can refer to the list.  Also... your public school choice is A ok with me.  But since this is a blog about my life, basically for my mom to see what I am up to... I'm just going to write about my choices.  So don't feel judged!  I don't care!  Ok.  Enough of that.

What I learned from the conference

1.  I love wholesome families, with wholesome children.  Let's just start by addressing the jumper denium skirt issue.  Yes, there were a few.  I myself wore a skirt.  But the majority of the moms and dads were normal looking.  Stop it!  I'm not even joking.  I bet you couldn't even pick them out of a crowd.  When I dropped my kids off at the kids conference.... there were scores and scores  of well behaved, well loved children.  Honestly, the kids just looked well cared for.  I like being a part of that.  They were neat, clean, and happy looking.  That is what I want for my kids.  The conference was put on by teens or young adults.  All neat, happy, attentive, with eye contact.  My kids loved their leaders.  And they really got into it.  The theme was WW2, they were all dressed up, the rooms were all decorated.  I love a job well done.  I'm not sure that always gets done these days, people skate by with the least they can do, while this was just done with a lot of effort.

2.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle.  I have been starting to think this.  HS is more than just how you teach math and reading, its about a creating a loving family, that serves the Lord together.  There were so many homemaking and character classes.  Yes, math classes were there too.  But I loved going and learning how to school, do laundry, and get supper on all at the same time.  These ladies pointed out that its a way of life, and everyone helps.  I like that.  All working together.  I have really seen that this year and its importance can not be underestimated.  My kids have worked with their dad, learning all about his career as a rancher and farmer.  This just seems so healthy and right to me!  Why not learn from the people who care about your future the most?  It gives us so much more time to focus on what is really important.  Time together, learning how to work hard, and grow in the Lord.

3.  "Don't feed the princess"  This was said in one of the character classes and it really stuck with me.  We are not to the feed the princess in our little girl, as this can create a self centered, bossy, girl who always wants the attention.  We are to teach our girls to be servants and to not be afraid to get their hands dirty serving others.  This was so very convicting to me.  I love treating my girl like a girl.  But if I feed her appetite for lots of attention, constantly telling her how cute she is.... this may not turn out well.  Girls who are kind hearted and sweet are the types of girls I want for my sons, not girls who think the world revolves around them and need served constantly.  FB has recently been eye opening for me... yes... I love to see pics of people and their kids.  Lots of them.  But these teens who are posting "selfies" all the time?  No.  However... can I still call Pais.... Princess Pai?  I hope so.  Because that's not going away anytime soon.

Other random things I need included on my list of what I am loving right now....
Picking curriculum- this is perhaps the most fun aspect.  I love books.  I love shopping.  Combining the two.... be still my heart.
Scheduling freedom-  The ability to not have to get up early every day.... heavenly.  And my kids can play outside on nice days and do school on snow days. 
Teaching to each child.-  One of my kids is wiggly.  I have been able to do lots of reading out loud while letting him play legos or jump on the tramp..... this has been perfect for him.  One child has discovered he loves history.... actually... its both their fav topics.  We have read some great stuff on history. 

That's it for now.  Wanted to share.  Stay tuned for the post "why I hate homeschooling" probably to be written on the next Monday morning when everyone is whining and complaining. :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

A New Chapter

Hello! How's it going? Since it is 2313 or 11:13pm for you non milatary types.... seems like the perfect time to get back into blogging. And I better... because I have gone from 7 to 10 followers! Rock on! Welcome Brenda! So fun. Anyway. I need to make a whole section dedicated to homeschooling.... because.... we're in. I am now wearing skirts, baking bread, and schooling my children at home. Because they all go together right?? Not. Hehe. I am probably the only nerd left who says not after something. Not. Now I am laughing out loud at my hilarity. And I misspelled that word. WTG homeschool teacher! Indeed.... we started homeschooling. Which means I have done exactly one page of Clay's curriculum, and one book of Crew's curriculum. And it went well.  Here are the links to what we are doing... if I indeed can figure out how to link.   Kind of stressed about how to get everything done... but that is sort of normal for me anyway.  So I am going to link to what we are doing so my mama can check it out!


It is pretty cute.  I think it will be good... I am a little nervous about not using textbooks... but I don't really want to do "school" at home... I want to take advantage of doing whatever looks fun and educational!

Crew-   How I love this program so far.  We are reading a book a week (or we will be when school starts) and then you do an activity associated with the book.  So far, we have read one book and all the kids enjoyed it and have asked to do it again!

Reading and Spelling and Phonics -
        This program got high reviews... so I am anxious to test it out!  We'll see.  It looks fun, but I am intimidated by teaching it!  Probably just need to dive in.

Latin- Yep!  Latin.  I feel Auntie Lindsey will be proud. 

And our new chore program. So when you come to visit, I will have perfectly behaved, homeschooled children.  Oh yes.  One can dream right?  I felt as long as I am implementing routine and such... might as well go after chores as well! 

And that's it. Looks like fun to me!

See, I already let the babies play with beans for fun... so homeschooling should be a simple transition right?

Our first homeschool feild trip!  Don't they look so sweet?  I def imagine of lot of handholding and skipping in this adventure.

And lastly, an obnoxious bow picture.  Just because I waited 8 years for one of these!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


How is it February really?? It seemed like we had no winter. Which granted this Arizona girl was quite happy with the very limited amount of snow... but it just can't be time for calving already. But it is. You know how I know? I mean really know that it is calving? Because my 4 year old came in and said "Mooommmm.... I have something for you to eat" and proceded to throw a hairy calf ear notch at me. Which anyone who has ever had a 4 yo boy throw something at you, one knows the only thing to do is scream. Which means, next time he will do the same thing, hoping for the same responce. Sigh. (Does everyone here know what a calf ear notch is? We notch... ie.... take a chunk out of our calf ears for identification purposes.) (Full discloser= I just had to yell at my husband who is in the other room and ask why we do that anyway.) So, my children like to collect them. Cause who doesn't want a pocketfull of calf ears??

In other news... it was a busy weekend. We had my boys first wrestling tournament. Something we pretty much swore we would never do. There I was, on my knees on the mat yelling like a crazy person at my son to get up. Wow. And, to be more honest.... it was a whomping. And I don't mean the other guys. In my baby boys defense... it was their first tourney. And... my 7 year old made the 2 boys that wrestled him cry... so I consider that some sort of accomplishment. They looked so cute in their onesies. (Singlets.) Those wrestling parents are hard core. Whoa.

There has been much cooking lately. I had a school board meeting on Wednesday, then worked on Thurs... thus on Friday felt guilty that I was neglecting my family and thus cooked until I felt better. Friday night= Italian Nachos. Saturday= breakfast burritos, salami sandwiches, sausage and sourkraut. Sun= Pear and Almond torte for breakfast, BBQ Ribs, and tuna fish for supper (I was tired by then!) I do somewhat enjoy cooking... but the thing about it is... doesn't matter how much I cooked this weekend... tomorrow they will all be hungry again.

Allright... not too exciting. One more Crew quote. "Mom, are you still a little girl in your heart?" Yes, dear.... I am :) I could not love that boy more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 months

So.... I haven't blogged in 4 months! Whoa. And I have 4 kids.... a coincidince? I think not. And my last blog was about spring cleaning.... lets just get it out there that I fully skipped spring cleaning and hired a housekeeper. Best, BEST decision I ever made. Who wants to deep clean your house when you are big pregnant? Or ever really?? So basically I am blogging just to get back into it. Cause when you have been gone so long... you are like... whoa... I better have something special to write about. And I want to write about having a girl after so many boys... really I do... but I am really tired. So I might just have to add a pic and be done with it. Yesterday I asked my boys "what does mommy do all day?" I fully expected them to say... play on the computer... etc. But they said..."Clean, cook, and breastfeed." And that is a direct quote. My 7 year old pointed out the fact that a third of my activities is breastfeeding. That does, in fact, pretty much sum up my life right now... and frankly I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love her. I love having a "her." I will be buying my weight in hairbows.

If you think we did not put a 6 week old in a planter of petunias... you would be wrong.

I could not love these boys more if I tried. I love their little brother too... but he just wouldn't sit still for pic!

I love him too.

So, I just previewed this post and realized I said "I Love" in basically all of my pic captions. Well... in a way that's just as well. I guess I don't so much mind cooking, cleaning, and breastfeeding.... as long as its with these guys :)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photobucket Spring Cleaning. Basically... I don't even know what this is. Where I grew up... sunny AZ... I'm not sure that such a thing exsisted. Not because my mom didn't clean... oh no... just because it was basically always spring... or summer. So there was no definite time for this to occur. But I move to NE... and suddenly everyone is asking if you have started your spring cleaning, or what you are doing, and if you are done. So since all I can think of is washing windows... I thought I'd try a link up party. Which I have never done before... so we'll see how it goes. I figure this one would be good... because it falls in the time right before I have a very important guest coming... my number one blog reader! Yeah Mom! Now here's the thing. I actually like reading about cleaning... actually I LOVE reading about cleaning. I have a small addiction to cleaning and organization books. Ok, large addiction. For real. I have this dog earred copy of a great book called "Organize Yourself" that I clearly remember reading in the bathtub as a child on a Friday night for relaxation. My fave chapter was "Hangbag Organization." I would dream of the day I would have a handbag to organize. And now my handbag is basically a disaster all the time :) So here we go... someone should join me! Sister maybe? Doubt her house needs much cleaning though! Thought maybe posting it on my blog would actually help me follow through! We'll see..... on to draperies!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Music!

Changed up my blog music today... the Christmas music was making me twitch. Changed to all Jesus music. And since all 7 followers of mine are Christians... I hope you enjoy it! I love to listen to music that is uplifting and places my thoughts squarely where they should be.... on God and God alone! Today has been the third day of bitter cold temps.... the reading this morning said -19! I had to step on the deck to see how cold it was... and it was quite chilly. Haven't had to go out in it.. .but now we are headed to Awana so we will be bundled up! Church is only 5 miles... so not too bad. Here are some recent pics of fun in the snow... but not taken in this cold... I won't let the littles out in this.

This is Cal- I bundled him up in a quilt and tucked him in a baby sled and then drug him all over... he really liked it and I didn't have to lug him around... now when I lug him... I think.. I am carrying 2 babies... they are getting heavy. (and one only weighs 5oz- or so the baby book says)

Here is my oldest... king of the mountain. I would have a pic of my middle boy but he went down the moutain, got a faceful of snow and then went inside to warm up.

And now down the mountain. Then came some fun with dad. Later this would be repeated with a four wheeler instead of dad pulling, but I didn't get pics of that. Ahh the look of pure delight on all of their faces! Winter is fun is its own way!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter- The View from my back porch

That seems to be 2 titles.... oh well. Both are true. I love the view from my back deck. Esp today.... when the cattle are gently plodding their way back home. They have been gone a little while, 6 miles south or so grazing a neighbors corn stalks. Now they are coming back to our corn fields.... and soon (and by soon I mean March) they will have babies. And we will enter another season on the ranch.... and arguably my fave... calving season. It is cold out.... esp for a cattle drive. But actually it was one of the warmer days this week.... I even bundled up the baby in his front carrier (those things are a beast no??) and the 3yo walked/ran/frolicked. Pure delight. We walked what I call the circle.... you head out my back driveway, around by the calves, in front of the tree row, turn at the calving pasture and you are back in my front driveway. I think if I do that 3-4 times... it equals a mile. But I did it once, whew and that was enough. The weather said it was 38 with a windchill of 29... so with hats and coats.... we were just toasty. Although with wind chapped cheeks when we got home.

That is my man sporting his new chinks (Christmas gift from me). What are chinks you ask? (or I had to ask anyway, maybe you are fluent in cowboy speak) Chinks are capri chaps. And chaps (pronounced shaps-apparently- also in cowboy land) are long leather things to keep your legs warm when you are working cattle. Now around here, I do notice people wearing them merely as an accessory... to church, to market, but at our place, they will only be seen when actually working cattle. I personally wouldn't mind if they made a trip into the bedroom... oops this is a family blog! But there's just not much cuter than a cowboy, esp my particular cowboy. I dare anyone to disagree :) (sidenote-cowboy is the incorrect term for hubs... but saying rancher or cattleman just doesn't have the flow. And he won't read this anyway... so I can call him what I want!) Cowboy I have learned... denotes a certain wanderlust, a recklessness, more wild... while rancher is a buisness owner. Now for my purposes... a cowboy is anyone on a horse, with chinks and hat. Maybe some wranglers. All good things! I love the line of cattle stretching out. I do not love the pic of the bag in the snow... but hey. Its kinda cold to clean your yard. Can't wait to play on that swingset again!

And here are some guys who come and help us... I'd tell you who they are... but I'm not sure they are ready to be famous. Ha!